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Lego The Cannibal Escape 4182

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Cannibal Escape 4182


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Fabricate with the Cannibal Escape 4182 . I'm sure you will love that the item comes along with this feature of includes jack sparrow, will turner and 2 cannibal minifigures. Other features include things like also includes roasting spit and 279 pieces. It's 8" Height x 14" Length x 3" Width. Cheapest price Cannibal Escape 4182 , click the hyperlink below.

Jack Sparrow and Will Turner are inside the hands of cannibals, about to be devoured. The set has all the accessories to develop a tribal village. Why You'll Love It: Teaches cognitive skills and encourages creativity in kids. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Cannibal Escape has four mini figures - Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and two cannibals. The chief's throne, snakes and bird make the scene even a lot more realistic. The bone cage might be raised or lowered when the spoke is turned. Age: 6 to 12 years FeaturesComes with mini figures of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and 2 cannibalsEverything to set the tribal scene It has a roasting spit, with flame elements, where the cannibals cook their captives. Help the pirates escape from the tribe and their roasting spit.


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