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Lego Isla De Muerta 4181

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Isla De Muerta 4181


Model: 4611541
UPS: 673419145008
Package Quantity: 1

Isla De Muerta 4181 is a really fun Lego kit. I'm sure you will love that the item features this feature of includes black pearl rowboat, treasure chest, treasure and other accessories. Other features include things like 152 pieces. 0673419145008 is the EAN-13 code for this Lego pirate set. The Lego pirate set dimensions are 1.75"H x 10.25"L x 7.5"W and weighs something like 0.56 lbs.

Protect Elizabeth and acquire control of the Black Pearl! Is Elizabeth Swann the crucial? Help Captain Jack Sparrow to defeat the transformed Skeleton Barbossa then free Elizabeth Swann and gain manage of the Black Pearl! They think so! Only the descendant of Bootstrap Bill can totally free the Captain Hector Barbossa and his undead crew from their horrible curse.


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