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Mega Bloks Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 -danger From The Depths

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Pirates Of The Caribbean 3
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Mega Brands

ASIN: B000M8G360
Model: 01086U
UPS: 065541010864
Package Quantity: 1

I will reveal to you this fun Lego pirate set entitled made by Mega Brands. I actually liked that the item had includes 2 figures unique to this set: jack sparrow and lord cutler beckett. 01086U is the model number for this item. It has a weight of 1.81 lbs, select the hyperlink below.

The Kraken is really a titanic, tentacled scourge utilizing the seas, this legendary leviathan does the destructive bidding from the Flying Dutchman (1070) , hunting down and playfully devouring its overwhelmed prey. Build the dock station and man the rowboat to defend against (or escape from) the monstrous ruler with the ocean! This dynamic, 40-piece, action set consists of a completely poseable and buildable Kraken monster that attacks the hapless world of Pirates of the Caribbean construction toys! A fully poseable and very detailed Jack Sparrow (with battle harm deco) as properly as the evil Lord Cutler Beckett are included in this set. Fully poseable tentacles capture prey and can even attach Bloks and figures onto its surfaces. Take total manage of the seas by matching Danger from the Depth with Singapore Escape (1064) and Flagship Battlers Black Pearl (1069 ). Look for a hidden webcode inside toy to unlock data online!


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