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Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides The London Escape 4193

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Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger


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I do believe you will love that the Lego kit offers includes jack sparrow, joshamee gibbs, horse coach driver, and king george? s soldiers minifigures. Other features include captain's daughter features hidden exit and 463 pieces. The Lego pirate set dimensions are 2.5" Height x 19" Length x 11.25" Width. It weighs around 1.52 lbs. Lowest price Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger . To find the best bargain for this Lego pirate set as well as other products, click on our store add to cart button on this site.

Captain Jack can run, but he can't hide - for long! Run by way of the busy London streets and hide out in the Captain's Daughter Tavern! Captain Jack Sparrow and his right-hand man Joshamee Gibbs have narrowly escaped a date with each and each of the hangman's noose when they're captured again by King George's soldiers. Stay close towards the hidden exit to create a stealthy getaway if you're spotted!


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